Friends Smols Mystery Vinyl Figures

Friends Smols Mystery Vinyl Figures

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Relive through some iconic Friends moments with Smols Vinyl Figures. Open up a mystery pack for a mini figurine. You can place it on top of its box for display! Collect all your favorites!

Series 1 figures include: Chef Monica, Phoebe with guitar, Waitress Rachel, Chandler, and the Duck, Joey "being Chandler", and Ross with Marcel. There are 6 total designs, one for each character. Each figure stands approximately 2.5-inches tall.

Smols Mystery Figures feature a type of packaging that keeps their content hidden. They are identical in every way and nobody - including us - knows which figure is inside. Who will you get?

Please note: This is a blind box item, each order is for ONE random figure. Due to the blind box nature of the packaging, we are unable to guarantee a specific figure. There will be no returns or exchanges.

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